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Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery

Our reliable fuel oil delivery service is a favorite among our customers for taking the legwork out of arranging and remembering fuel stock-ups. Didato Oil monitors the daily temperature and your fuel delivery history so you don’t have to worry about it running out. The system automatically adjusts your delivery schedule based on your usage at no extra charge.

Once on automatic delivery you become eligible for a price protection program and one of our many service plans available.

Will Call Deliveries

Please know that we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products and service available at fair and competitive rates. We prioritize our customers on automatic delivery, we will not be on call for emergency service. However, if you are getting regular will call deliveries from us you can call for service during regular business hours pending our technician’s availability.

Price Protection Program

We offer a capped price protection program. This program has a small fee for every gallon covered, but offers upside and downside price-protection. Capped programs can be pre-paid, paid as delivered, and we even offer monthly budget options.

Fixed price programs are offered as a prepay only and cover your gallons from September 1st through April 30th. There is no fee for this price program, the price is simply fixed. We recommend covering 80% of your actual consumption to be sure all gallons are delivered.

If not interested in a price program, oil will be delivered at the daily market-rate, there will be a 10 cent per gallon discount when deliveries are paid within 10 days of the market rate.

These plans do not include any materials or labor to repair power vent systems or replacement of electronic circuit boards.