Didato's Oil Service

Propane Services

Propane is a multipurpose, clean-burning fuel that can be used inside your home and out: rely on the fuel source to heat your home each winter and to fuel your outdoor grill, swimming pool, or outdoor fireplace in the summer. Reaching AFUE efficiency ratings of up to 98%, LP gas-fired heating systems are designed to reduce your energy costs and operation. Upgrading your propane boiler or furnace can save you up to 40% on your home energy costs!

Propane Delivery

We at Didato’s Oil Service have partnered with Dutch Propane to provide Connecticut homes with prompt, reliable, and safe propane delivery at competitive prices.

Automatic Propane Delivery

Take one more burden off your shoulders with our automatic propane fuel delivery service. We are on the cutting edge of today’s technologies and offer a revolutionary new service in the world of propane delivery so your delivery arrives promptly. Speak with our propane department to see if you are eligible for automatic delivery.

Will Call Propane Delivery

This delivery option allows you to monitor your propane fuel levels and schedule deliveries as you need them. Simply call our office when you’d like to place your order!

Monitored Propane Delivery

If you’d like to have your fuel level monitored by our expert staff but order fuel as you please, this option is for you! With our remote tank monitors, we know when you need a fuel delivery and we will provide you with the fuel you need for your home heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, and more.